Patrick Daniel Thomas & JoAnn (Wysoski) Thomas - Fargo North, Class of 1987 & 1989

When we first met, Pat was a Senior and I (JoAnn) was a Sophomore. Pat was standing by the windows in-between classes and I saw him and thought he was cute. One of my friends gave him a note with my number. He called the next night and we talked, where he then asked me out on a date. We went to a movie and after to McDonald's for a coke. Two days later he asked me to be his girlfriend. Pat wrestled on the team for North and was captain of the team. He took 2nd at state that year! 8yrs later we married and have grown sons who have also wrestled for Fargo South.

Pat owns his own company and is a tile setter. Joann and her mom own a cleaning company. We live in Fargo still and are planning on retiring and building a home in Minnesota by the lake.  

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