Christopher Holland & Heidi (Larson) Holland - Fargo South High, Class of 1989 & 1990

The greatest love story ever began when Chris & Heidi Holland met on Valentines Day, 1988! Heidi had just moved to Fargo as a sophomore, when her dad was hired to coach football at NDSU. She was the new girl at Fargo South vs Chris was a junior who had grown up in Fargo. Heidi’s new friend she met in French class asked her to sleepover Valentines weekend, and had a crush on one of Chris’ best friends. 

The boys asked the girls to come over, and the minute Heidi walked into Chris’ house in Prairiewood it was truly love at first sight- First loves that ended up being forever loves! Traumatic circumstances in college tore them apart, but nothing changed the love they had for each other, and they were finally and forever reunited 14 years ago. They’ve lived in Fargo ever since, with their 7 children, and thank God every day for bringing them back together. They even opened their precious Beans Coffee Bar 10 years ago to share their love with and bless the Fargo community, and to honor Heidi’s dad, who brought them together by moving her to Fargo South! Chris & Heidi are proof that true love always wins and God is always good! Go Bruins!

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