Catherine M (Froemke) George & Randall W George, Fargo North, Class of 1973

We met our sophomore year at North High school in March 1971 in the halls when Randy saw me in the halls and told me I had cute dimples. The next weekend we went on a blind date with two other classmates. We were inseparable after that day.

Randy was the running back for the Fargo North Spartans in 1972. We were both in track. The middle of our junior year Randy's Dad was transferred to Denver for his job. We had a long-distance relationship until in we graduated in May 1973.

The Vietnam war was still active, and the draft was still applicable, so Randy enlisted into the Army and went to bootcamp that fall. We were Married Dec 22, 1973. We just celebrated our 50-year anniversary last month.

Randy was stationed two years in South Korea from 1974 to 1976. I followed him over there and we had an adventure of a lifetime. Then we went to Fort Hood TX until his enlistment time was over in 1977.

In Texas our first-born child was born, Ryan George (who graduated from North High and took his fellow football teammates to the first Fargo North football championship game in 1996.) That's another story. Randy and Ryan had a lot of the same coaches a generation apart. Our life in a nutshell: We had our baby girl, Ronissa George, back in Fargo, while Randy went to NDSU for engineering college in 1978. We started a traffic control business in Fargo in 1984 with two other partners, called: Traffic Safety Services Inc. We sold it to United Rentals in 1999. United Rentals wanted us to move to Phoenix Arizona, so we did in 2006.

When we resettled in the North side of Fargo, the Fargo Public Schools have been part of our lives for almost 3 generations. Our kids grew up and graduated in 1997 and 98. They both married their high school sweethearts. Some of our grandchildren have attended too. All on the Northside of Fargo. Here is our family list of schools we have attended. Roosevelt 1960, Ben Franklin JR High, Madison Elementary 1982, 83. McKinley, 1984 85. Horace Mann, 1986. Longfellow and then Ben Franklin and North High and Woodrow Wilson.

Randy was a coach for the northside boys' youth football teams and was so proud when they went to the state championship. Our lives have always been entangled to the North side community and the schools.

I Cathy, was the support system. I worked for Cass Clay Creamery, CBI Data Processing and City of Moorhead in the Finance Department. I took all the Accounting, typing, computer, programing and bookkeeping classes I could in high school at North High. I received credits for working at Cass Clay Creamery, (through the work program at school), my Sophomore, Junior and Senior years. I graduated North High with 3 years of work experience under my belt and my employers used it as an associate degree everywhere I worked.

We absolutely love where we came from and the community we were from.
What a Life!

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