Alumni Graduation Flashback

Let's take a stroll down memory lane! Whether it's the thrill of winning a game, the laughter shared with friends, or a poignant moment with a beloved teacher, we love to hear it all! Let's celebrate those cherished moments together and reminisce about the journey that brought us here.

Jesselee Deitemeyer: Fargo South High School - Class of 2014

Favorite Memory:
I'd just have to say that the memories I cherish most about that time was roaming the halls with the group of friends I had back then.

Tom Stiller: Fargo North High School - Class of 1984

Rebecca Fink: Davies High School - Class of 2013

Favorite Memory:
I went to prom only one year but I remember it being fun dressing up and having fun.

David Bailly: Fargo South High School - Class of 1968

Favorite Memory:
I have vivid and thrilling memories of being a part of the 1967-68 decision-making process with classmates and administrators as we helped form our new high school as the first graduating class of Fargo South High...rising from the ashes of Fargo Central High!

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