Tips for How You Can Support Teachers During the School Year

January is often one of the most challenging months for teachers. Winter break is behind them, and spring break lies far ahead. The days are short and dark, the weather is at its worst in many parts of the country, and the “honeymoon phase” of the new school year has long since worn off. Many teachers report this as being the time of year where their job is the toughest.

With this in mind, we wanted to share some ways you can support teachers during the school year, but especially during the January to March period that tends to be most challenging. Whether you’re supporting teachers at your alma mater or at a school that’s local to you, that support will be greatly appreciated.

Here are a few tips:

  • Offer to volunteer in the classroom: Many teachers welcome extra help in the classroom, whether it's for organizing activities, chaperoning field trips, preparing materials, or helping students with their work. If you have some time to spare, consider offering to volunteer in your local school.
  • Donate supplies: Teachers often use their own money to purchase supplies for their classrooms, such as paper, pens, and other materials. Consider donating supplies to your alma mater or local public school or even directly to a teacher to help them out.
  • Support school fundraising efforts: Many schools rely on fundraising to pay for extracurricular programs, field trips, and other activities. Consider supporting your alma mater or local school's fundraising efforts by making a donation or participating in fundraising events.
  • Advocate for education: Schools are an important part of our communities, and it's important to advocate for policies and funding that support them and their teachers. Write letters to your elected representatives, attend school board meetings, and stay informed about educational issues in your community.
  • Be involved in your child's education: One of the most important ways you can support school teachers is by being involved in your child's education. Attend parent-teacher conferences, stay in touch with your child's teacher, and help your child with their homework and schoolwork.

All of these tips can help make life easier for teachers and go a long way toward creating a healthier school community!

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